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Business of Tech

Dec 30, 2020

Let’s talk the big MSP players for this prediction.  

When I covered the impact Capital has on a market, I focused on the lack of R&D investment.     PE based companies often focus on cutting expenses by headcount and anything risky, and one of those cuts is R&D.   Building something new is hard, and it gets in the way of driving profitability.  It’s way easier to just go buy things and roll it in than it is to build something. 

The second is the changing face of management.   As I said back in September with Microsoft’s Lighthouse product, the future of management is that you don’t need to script it yourself, but instead configure management policies.    You can see this in software development trends – serverless and codeless compute are the direction.     You manage fleets of other devices not by writing scripts to control it, but by configuring policies.    Which is exactly the tool Microsoft has built in their Lighthouse product.

And notably, the current “MSP providers” have not. 

Prediction in the podcast.