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Business of Tech

Dec 24, 2020

A listener came with a great question.

"I’m 20 years old and have been working at a help desk for about 6 months. I dont have any certifications yet and will have a associates in May of 2021. I would love to start a side hustle in the IT field to gain more real world experience and income. I love how MSP sounds but I feel like its way over my head. Should I get my certifications and help desk experience first? Or dive into a small MSP river and learn as I go?"

This felt like too big a question for just me, so I asked several other MSP owners who I respect for their take.

Answers from MSPs Dave DelVecchio, Amy Babinchak, Mark Essayian and Forrester's Jay McBain, plus final insights from Business of Tech Podcast host Dave Sobel.